Hints and Teases and Peeks

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Blog
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Here is a teaser of my current work in progress.  I do hope you enjoy.  As always comments, questions, etc., are welcome.

Fog lurks thickly, impeding sight, enhancing sound.  A sibilant cadence shifts throughout like a dissonant orchestra teasing at ear drums.  Some find it calming.  For others it is a constant torture.

“Does the time finally near?” asks one of those here, one who is possessed of voice, fortitude, drive.

“Time is not the same for us,” remarks the other, a rise to the flesh of the brow.

Satariel says nothing.  He, for this one is indeed a male, possesses power in this realm.  As befitting, he also holds wisdom, and such does he restrain his tongue.

“Everyday has its dawn,” she says, realizing Satariel will not speak.  There is still the perch to the brow, the haughtiness, distasteful even if deserved.  “Motherhood teaches one patience.  Who knows more of that than I?”

This is from what will be the third book in my urban fantasy series.  The second is in the hands of my publisher, and the first is available.  Please join me in this journey.

Click for the print version.
Click for electronic editions.

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