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Dance of the Butterfly

Not even one of them can fall to the ground without your Father’s knowing it

A dark urban fantasy, telling of two powerful families who uphold a secret duty to protect humanity from a threat it doesn’t know exists.  Though sharing a common enemy, the two families form a long-standing rivalry due to their methods and ultimate goals.  Forces are coalescing in a prominent Central European city- criminal sex-trafficking, a serial murderer with a savage bent, and other, less tangible influences.  Within a prestigious, private university, Lilja, a young librarian charged with protecting a very special book, finds herself suddenly ensconced in this dark, strange world.  Originally from Finland, she has her own reason for why she left her home, but she finds the city to be anything but a haven from dangers and secrets.  Book One of a planned series.

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Sword of the Butterfly (Book Two in the Series)
Thus by blood, were they tempted, lusting in mind and form

The tale resumes in Sword of the Butterfly, book two of the series, as Lilja and Skothiam continue to fight demons within and without. The infernal forces make a grand play, hoping to stab the world in its very heart. Casualties mount as further tensions rise in the City, threatening the vigilante with a loss of freedom and life. Children become victims of a madman’s design while the hunt is on for a powerful creature wreaking havoc across parts of the U.S. Lilja begins to question herself and her place in Skothiam’s life even as the very treasure they must protect comes under danger.

Sword of the Butterfly – print version
Sword of the Butterfly – Kindle edition

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Soul of the Butterfly (Final Book in the Trilogy)
Words shall not be hid, nor spells buried.  Might shall not sink underground, though the mighty go.

The third Book awaits. The last of them. All holding promises of untold power. Skothiam and Lilja continue their journey as they follow the trail to places unimagined. Strange forces lurk, biding for the moment to strike and exact price. Unexpected allies arise even as others seek to disentangle from the web. Who will gain and who will lose? What shadow waits, eager to consume them all? Find out in the conclusion of the Butterfly trilogy.

Soul of the Butterfly – print version
Soul of the Butterfly – Kindle edition

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