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Posted: November 28, 2016 in Blog
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Authors want reviews. Authors want feedback, comments, communication. It can especially feel like working in a vacuum when you post or publish something and you get little to no response. Sure, many people may be reading and having a positive experience, but without feedback, how do we know?

So, write reviews.  Leave comments.  Please.

Here is where my own “problem” arises. I do not like leaving negative reviews. I have made one negative review, and it was for a very well-established author, so I don’t think it put the slightest chink in his armor. I like the author very much, just didn’t care for this one book, and I left what I felt was an honest, possibly meaningful review for others to read.

I understand the difference between a spiteful review and a negative one that is also constructive.  I understand not to let too much of my own personal desires make it sound like I am objectively naming something “bad”.  Even with this, I don’t like leaving negative reviews.

I have read many indie short stories and books of late, and I have not liked them all. Some were a bit … well, let’s just say I didn’t even finish them. In the wise words of the great James Dalton, “Opinions vary.”  I did not leave reviews for those.

I have read many authors saying to please leave a review, even if it is a poor one. Every review counts and matters. I want to help other authors, but it almost makes my skin crawl to leave a negative review. My approach is that I leave a positive review, or I do not leave one at all.  In this vein, I try to even make a positive spin to a potentially negative review, or again, I don’t leave one at all.

I know this is not the correct attitude, but it bothers me to think of doing something “negative” toward other independent authors.

And here I am asking for feedback and reviews.  It is troubling, I know, and I struggle with how to best leave a review for something I did not like.  It’s so much easier to leave a positive review.

Of course, I do hope you will purchase, read, and review my debut urban fantasy novel, Dance of the Butterfly.  Many thanks!  And feel free to leave a comment.

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