The process continues.  Edits, edits, and more edits.  I am thankful to the beta readers for their feedback as well as to my publisher/editor.  This has been a wonderful learning experience.  I enjoy refining my writing and every further bit of polish is also welcome.  I’ll be uploading new sample chapters once the editing is complete, as things have changed enough to warrant it.

I have learned that I am a skeptical writer.  Due to my own background, I approach things with an aspect that there is so much out there we do not know.  We especially don’t know what is going on in someone else’s mind.  There really is no third person omniscient in the real world.  I let this color my narrative too much, alluding to things more often than just outright stating them.  In a work of fiction, there is the potential for third person omniscient, so I have given that a lot of attention in these scrubs.

The cover is also nearing completion.  Many thanks to the artist, Jeffrey Kosh.  Have a look:

DotB Cover - Front

As usual, keep watching here or on my Facebook Author Page for further updates.  Feel free to also ask me any questions or leave any comments.  Thanks!

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