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So, there is this Author Life Month (#authorlifemonth) thing happening on Instagram.  I don’t have an Instagram account, but I won’t let that stop me.  Instead of making a post a day, though, I think I will do them weekly and just lump everything together.

My Books
I have one book published, the second in the series is coming very soon, and a short story in a just released anthology.  My series is in the urban fantasy genre, but it is grounded in quasi-realism.  It is very much a mystery and slow burn to the reveal, though things will be much more open in the second installment.  You can see (and buy) all three from my Amazon Author Page.

Here is a photo of me.

Fan Art
I have had the pleasure of some art being done of characters and events in my book.  You can view these in the Artwork category here.

My current work in progress (well, officially, as I am working on several things) is the third book in my urban fantasy series.  Allow me to share a little teaser –

One is of a woman, wearing a dark gray, nondescript dress that covers from wrists to ankle, but her face hides behind a mid-twentieth century gas mask.  Close examination shows the mask to actually be part of her face, giving forth a meld that is quite out of the ordinary.  Her hair is stringy in some places but others seem of ridged rubber.  The combination is so well done as to somewhat trick the eye.

“Look at her fingernails,” Zoe mentions, giving further personification to the statue.

Lilja notes the cracks and chips, the detail again as she had seen it in the smaller works.

“It’s like she tried to get free.”

Where I Write
I have a little media room, I call it, in my house.  It is not fully enclosed, which makes it wonderful for me.  It is where my desk and computer reside along with another desk on which I have set up my keyboard and amplifier.  I do most all of my creating in this space.  I have used an old typewriter and even done handwritten manuscripts, but I prefer using a word processor.

Writing Music
I do not often have music playing when I write.  I can find it distracting.  If I do listen to music, it is instrumental.  Music with lyrics is far too distracting for me to work to.  Some music I have listened to when writing my series has been the soundtracks to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Hannibal, the television series.

Cover Inspiration
I always had an idea for the cover of Dance of the Butterfly.  I am not sure what inspired me, but the basic aesthetic always seemed to be there, lingering in my mind.  I want to thank Tomi Rautanen for the sketch of my idea which eventually became the visual basis for the cover.

That is the first week.  I do hope you have enjoyed these insights.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions.  Thank you.


Sword of the Butterfly, the second book in my urban fantasy series, will be published soon.  I received the cover concept recently, and I think it is amazing.  I hope you all enjoyed the first book and are anticipating the second as much (or more!) than I am.  I am very excited for it, and I think you will all enjoyment the development as we delve deeper into the tale.



I think it is an amazing cover that really captures the feel of the story.  Many thanks to the artist, Jeffrey Kosh, for this wonderful work.

If you have not read the first book, please do so.  And as always, thank you.

Click for the print version.
Click for electronic editions.

The process continues.  Edits, edits, and more edits.  I am thankful to the beta readers for their feedback as well as to my publisher/editor.  This has been a wonderful learning experience.  I enjoy refining my writing and every further bit of polish is also welcome.  I’ll be uploading new sample chapters once the editing is complete, as things have changed enough to warrant it.

I have learned that I am a skeptical writer.  Due to my own background, I approach things with an aspect that there is so much out there we do not know.  We especially don’t know what is going on in someone else’s mind.  There really is no third person omniscient in the real world.  I let this color my narrative too much, alluding to things more often than just outright stating them.  In a work of fiction, there is the potential for third person omniscient, so I have given that a lot of attention in these scrubs.

The cover is also nearing completion.  Many thanks to the artist, Jeffrey Kosh.  Have a look:

DotB Cover - Front

As usual, keep watching here or on my Facebook Author Page for further updates.  Feel free to also ask me any questions or leave any comments.  Thanks!

Tomi has given us another great piece of artwork inspired by the story – the vigilante in action.Vigilante01


Thanks, Tomi.

Please visit the artist’s tumblr for more of his work – Luolamestari


Skothiam Felcraft – 44yrs old, born in the USA. Entrepreneur, Head of the wealthy, powerful Felcraft Family. He holds an MBA in Finance but has also studied extensively in other fields, particularly folklore, mythology, and history. He is also knowledgeable in the occult and the paranormal.

Skot may sometimes be perceived as arrogant due to his intelligence, wealth, and confidence, but this may also hint at a deeper self-consciousness. He spends much of his time overseeing the vast affairs of the Family, much of which may have nothing at all to do with their secret, sacred duty.

He enjoys reading various books on religion and philosophy as much as delving occasionally into similarly themed fiction works. The Family is possessed of a large collection of valuable books, and he secrets himself away within it as often as possible.

Skot is the middle of three children, coming from a family that highly values proliferation but often has difficulty with not only childbirth but also keeping themselves alive into late age. His older brother had been killed when he was twenty-eight. His father succumbed several years back to an inexplicable disease which slowly deteriorated his body, leaving Skot as the duly appointed new Head of the Family.

He has been married before, now divorced, and father to one son who lives with the Felcraft Family and is of an age to enter college. Skot hopes his son will take this route and perhaps follow a less dangerous path than the many set before him, having set upon his own such turbulent life many years ago.

Artwork by Finnish artist, Tomi Rautanen – Luolamestari.


Lilja Perhonen – 26yrs old, born in Finland. Ex-military, reservist in the Finnish Defense Forces, trained in CQC, marksmanship/sharpshooter. Highly skilled in martial arts – karate, jujutsu, kenjutsu, and a few other styles. Dyes her hair a vibrant red. Masters Degree in Information Studies and Interactive Media. Works as Head Curator of the Rare Books Collection at a prestigious, private university.

Lilja may come off as bashful in many ways, definitely taciturn, but she is open, curious, and quite forthright when it comes to her job or potentially risky situations. She also teaches a free, open self-defense class at the university for women 18 and up.

She likes to read science fiction and fantasy novels, science magazines, and playing video games.

Lilja is an only child, her parents divorced, and she lived her childhood with her mother who has lots of interest on folklore and witchcraft. She feels a strong connection to nature, and she used to spend lots of time in the outdoors with her grandparents.

She has a knowledge of Finnish folklore that she mostly got from her grandparents. They used to tell her all kinds of useful things about nature and herbs, animals and plants as well as some old traditions and stories and folklore. Her father often told her ghost stories, while her mother told many creepy fairytales and folktales, warning Lilja to stay away from certain types of spiritualism.


Artwork by Finnish artist, Tomi Rautanen – Luolamestari.

Tomi has come up with a new piece for another main character – Skothiam Felcraft.skothiam01

Thanks, Tomi.

Please visit the artist’s tumblr for more of his work – Luolamestari

More Art

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Another piece from Tomi, inspired by the opening scene when the mansion burns.

Estate Fire

Thanks, Tomi.

Please visit the artist’s tumblr for more of his work – Luolamestari


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Here is a wonderful piece of artwork of the character Lilja done by Finnish artist, Tomi Rautanen.


Thanks, Tomi.

Please visit the artist’s tumblr for more of his work – Luolamestari.