Characters – Inspector Duilio

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Characters
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Gaspare Duilio – 57 yrs old, born in Italy. Seemingly rarely bereft of either his sunglasses or a cigarette, Inspector Duilio of Interpol considers himself a very practical man. He grew up in the bosom of what some may call corruption, but he merely used this as a way to learn how both people and the world work. He has few, if any, crises of conscience regarding his own flexibility when either working for the legitimate law enforcement establishment or those who are opposed to it. Reaching the level of experience he has speaks to his own ability to navigate such currents.

A man of some refinement, Duilio keeps his salt and pepper hair cut short along with a trim goatee that seems somewhat less prone to graying than the hair on his head. He enjoys food and drink, especially that from his home country, and he has been known to sneak in an opera or two when he finds the time. He also enjoys travel.

If pressed, he may not be able to say why he does what he does. He has no wife or children, and he keeps rare contact with his family. It seems he is in the game merely for the playing.

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