Characters – Alec & Quain

Posted: February 15, 2016 in Characters
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Alec Sladky – 38yrs old, born in the Czech Republic. Alec is a corrupt, veteran police Detective in the City, working not only for his municipal masters but whatever crime boss may be willing to pay the most money. He is not averse to using force, though he is not bloodthirsty. He is tall and overweight, though not grossly so. His dark brown hair is receding, a bald spot on his pate, and though he makes no effort to hide it, he keeps some noticeable length to the hair he has left.

Alec is an alcoholic, and he seems to now drink to numb his pain without any real thought of the cause of such negativity. He is very self-conscious and quick to anger. He is also cynical, not thinking much on life and what he may have left of it, trying not to look too much forward as well as working to keep himself from dwelling on the past.

His preferred drink is vodka, and he is an exuberant eater, seeming to hold drinking and eating as not just life-sustaining but also hobbies. He is currently partnered with Quain Contee.


Quain Contee – 34 yrs old. Quain was amongst the first of his family born in Europe after they emigrated from Senegal. He found life difficult, but he persevered, pushing himself in mind and body, achieving a decent education. He had aspired to make a living as a professional athlete, but when this did not pan out, he went into law enforcement. He met his partner, Alec, when he was promoted to Detective, and much like the slightly older man, he also engages in corruption. He is not as cynical as his partner, looking at his “side” work as merely another expression of how things work in the world.

Health and fitness hold importance to Quain, and he keeps himself in shape, also engaging in some kickboxing training. He rarely drinks alcohol, and he generally ends up being the calmer of the two, though he is not above expressions of physical violence, should the situation warrant.

He has never settled down, dallying in some dating and at least one serious relationship. Despite his looks, health, and career, he seems to be running from failed dreams, whether or not he realizes it.

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