Characters – Skothiam Felcraft

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Characters
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Skothiam Felcraft – 44yrs old, born in the USA. Entrepreneur, Head of the wealthy, powerful Felcraft Family. He holds an MBA in Finance but has also studied extensively in other fields, particularly folklore, mythology, and history. He is also knowledgeable in the occult and the paranormal.

Skot may sometimes be perceived as arrogant due to his intelligence, wealth, and confidence, but this may also hint at a deeper self-consciousness. He spends much of his time overseeing the vast affairs of the Family, much of which may have nothing at all to do with their secret, sacred duty.

He enjoys reading various books on religion and philosophy as much as delving occasionally into similarly themed fiction works. The Family is possessed of a large collection of valuable books, and he secrets himself away within it as often as possible.

Skot is the middle of three children, coming from a family that highly values proliferation but often has difficulty with not only childbirth but also keeping themselves alive into late age. His older brother had been killed when he was twenty-eight. His father succumbed several years back to an inexplicable disease which slowly deteriorated his body, leaving Skot as the duly appointed new Head of the Family.

He has been married before, now divorced, and father to one son who lives with the Felcraft Family and is of an age to enter college. Skot hopes his son will take this route and perhaps follow a less dangerous path than the many set before him, having set upon his own such turbulent life many years ago.

Artwork by Finnish artist, Tomi Rautanen – Luolamestari.

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