Characters – Billy

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Characters
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Wilhelm “Billy” Novacek – 29yrs old, born in the City.  Wilhelm, or as he prefers, “Billy”, comes from a family that hails from points east of the land in which he was born.  He considers himself more a person of his environ rather than clinging to any deep culture from elsewhere.  He seems to have been instilled with a sense of concern and care.  Finding himself at a young age to be interested in a career in law enforcement, Billy became a trainee with a prestigious security firm in hopes of gaining relevant experience.  He did a good job, finding himself offered a nice position at the university, which he accepted instead of pursuing admission to the police academy.

Billy takes his job very seriously, though he is open and friendly, retaining a certain childlike quality.  He also seems to possess a kind of sense of luck which may have unwittingly helped him in the course of his duties.  He also seems a bit naïve, but he is good-natured and quite capable of undertaking the demands of his position.

He enjoys sports and physical activities, having an interest in martial arts, though he retains a practical level of inexperience, knowing only basic force use and methods of security training.  He also likes to play games and read books about the police, though his choices may trend to the adventurous and melodramatic over anything more scholarly.  He doesn’t seem to have too many close friends, but he carries himself with a sense of contentment, rolling with whatever life throws his way.

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