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Lilja Perhonen – 26yrs old, born in Finland. Ex-military, reservist in the Finnish Defense Forces, trained in CQC, marksmanship/sharpshooter. Highly skilled in martial arts – karate, jujutsu, kenjutsu, and a few other styles. Dyes her hair a vibrant red. Masters Degree in Information Studies and Interactive Media. Works as Head Curator of the Rare Books Collection at a prestigious, private university.

Lilja may come off as bashful in many ways, definitely taciturn, but she is open, curious, and quite forthright when it comes to her job or potentially risky situations. She also teaches a free, open self-defense class at the university for women 18 and up.

She likes to read science fiction and fantasy novels, science magazines, and playing video games.

Lilja is an only child, her parents divorced, and she lived her childhood with her mother who has lots of interest on folklore and witchcraft. She feels a strong connection to nature, and she used to spend lots of time in the outdoors with her grandparents.

She has a knowledge of Finnish folklore that she mostly got from her grandparents. They used to tell her all kinds of useful things about nature and herbs, animals and plants as well as some old traditions and stories and folklore. Her father often told her ghost stories, while her mother told many creepy fairytales and folktales, warning Lilja to stay away from certain types of spiritualism.


Artwork by Finnish artist, Tomi Rautanen – Luolamestari.