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Yan Therese Stendahl – 21 yrs old, born in Austria. A pale, skinny girl with dyed black, short, spiky hair and snake bite piercings, Therese eschewed her first name so long ago, she almost does not recall when. She goes by Therese in her offline life and the handle ‘Sparrow’ in her other life as a hacker and cyber detective. She is somewhat socially awkward, having grown up as an orphan and ward of the state, and she feels much more comfortable in virtual reality than she does when leaving her tiny apartment. She supplements her meager income by working as a courier, zipping about the city on a café racer.

Generally aloof and taciturn, she occupies herself with gathering information for the vigilante’s network, unaware of the crusader’s identity. She spends some of her free time gaming, though she quickly grows bored, seeming more interested in observation and analysis of people through her information-gathering. Though exhibiting some aspects of paranoia, she may also show a certain recklessness, such as in the imbibing of intoxicants. Her isolation is an expression of her fear, one deep within herself that she seems unwilling to face.