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The main goal of this site is to convey my writings and myself.  I have written a series of urban fantasy books (two published, the third in progress), and I hope to garner readers who have a positive experience.  As any author may tell you, this is a very personal exposure.  Though it may be hidden in layers of metaphor and subtext, we are revealing ourselves to do this.  In my case, my works are very autobiographical.  I hope my followers enjoy the various blog posts I make, and I hope it allows you to learn more about me.  However, what I’d like to do is entice those who may not have read my books to want to do so.  I shall be giving up little teasers, if you will, of that tale.  If you have read them, please feel free to comment.

An explosion rocks the manor of a prestigious family just as they make a critical discovery that could affect the entire world. Not long after, a similar secret is uncovered in a major metropolis in central Europe. This same city is beset with heinous crimes – sex-trafficking, serial murder. All of this threads the weave of a great threat to humanity.

Lilja Perhonen is a young librarian from Finland. She left her home to escape her own demons, only to find much worse waiting for her in the City.  As curator of a prestigious university’s rare books, she learns that one in particular holds greater treasures than she had ever imagined. Her curiosity and bravery lead her to find out more, despite the real danger it poses to her.

Learn more about Lilja.

Find out what happens in Dance of the Butterfly, the first book in my urban fantasy series. For 18+ readers.

Dance of the Butterfly – print version
Dance of the Butterfly – electronic editions


Sword of the Butterfly, the second book in my urban fantasy series has been published.  I am very proud of it, and I hope you will buy it, read it, and review it.  It resumes the story from Dance of the Butterfly, but with a more open examination now that many cats are out of the proverbial bag.  Please continue along with the tale, seeing how things change, both for the better and the worse, and how old and new characters deal with these developments.

One area I examine in both books is sex trafficking.  This is a problem in this world that bothers me a great deal.  I cannot imagine the horror of going through such a thing or losing a loved one to it.  The vigilante continues to fight it, and I hope the fight continues in our world as well.  Such a travesty and affront needs to stop.

The story begins in a very impactful way, setting the dark and bloody tone.  It more deeply delves into the foreboding aspects of what is going on both in the mundane and paranormal worlds.  We also get to see as Skothiam and Lilja’s relationship continues to grow, but all is also not well there.  Everyone and everything continues to be tested.

Please pick up your copy today and leave a review.  Every bit counts, and I appreciate you all so very much.

Thank you.

Sword of the Butterfly – print
Sword of the Butterfly – Kindle