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So, I’ve decided to post a review.  I’ve done a paltry few on Amazon, and I have been soliciting them for my own book, so I decided to do something a bit more organized and post reviews on my site here that will also be cross-referenced to other social media.  If you are interested in reciprocal reviews, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Without further ado …

Vampire Therapy Cover

Not Your “Normal” Vampire Tale

The story comes off like an interesting adult soap opera/fairytale with something of a Terry Pratchett feel, though I loathe making too many such comparisons.  It is comedic, melodramatic, salacious.  It got more than one laugh out loud from me with its sardonic humor.  The vampires generally act like overgrown children, which only adds to the amusement.  The sudden spike of very real morality discussions peppers the generally darkly light-hearted affair, imposing an unexpected, though welcome, weight to the overall tone.  Even within the absurd realm of the supernatural, some of the problems shown are all too real for any number of us.  Growing up is not just for immortals.

The illustrations are wonderful and add to the delight and singularity of the piece.  Oh, and breasts, lots of talk of breasts, so if you like that, here is plenty.  Well worth the cost and time, so go ahead a dive in.

Vampire Therapy by Shebat Legion (Amazon link)