Life Before Cable

Posted: June 6, 2017 in Blog
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When I was a kid, there was no cable at my house. To give some perspective, this was well before the internet was invented. We lived out in the country, so lacking cable was not a financial issue. There just was no cable television possible.

We had a VHS player, and that was a big deal. These new contraptions had not fully made their way into so many homes, and the battle with Betamax was only beginning. Our video library was rather scarce, though. This resulted in our being reliant on regular, live television broadcasts.

I eagerly looked forward to every Saturday morning, and I would sometimes wake before the sun. I loved being the only one up in the house. There was something of a comforting feeling, as though I had the whole world to myself. I’d pour a big bowl of sugar-fueled cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons.

I most fondly recall Scooby Doo, the Bugs Bunny/ Road Runner hour, and some other Hanna-Barbera efforts. I particularly enjoyed the Smurfs when that came out, and I held a fondness for Wacky Races. I’d dig out my Hot Wheels and other toy vehicles and envision races of my own.

Sometimes, a morning of cartoons was not enough, and I’d watch the dubbed martial arts movies that would come on afterwards. This would really get me going as I’d often be up off the couch, mimicking moves I was seeing, playing along with the film. Eventually, though, I’d move on to other things.

With cable, the internet, and so many other on-demand options, this sort of thing just doesn’t seem relevant anymore.  I don’t lament its passing, but I do still have many fond memories.

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