And Now for Something Different

Posted: May 11, 2017 in Blog
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I’d like to dust off a post I made on Facebook toward the end of last year, and here it is –

“I watched the trailer for Rogue One. It looks intriguing, serious, exciting, and many other things that would make me intensely interested in a science fiction film, but …

I am not understanding what the point is of showing us something that boils down to an episode in the overall story to which we already know the ultimate outcome. I am not trying to be a naysayer. I don’t trash movies before (or even after, really) release. I am a firm believer in everyone gets their own opinion. I am not a paid critic, so if I don’t like something, I just move on.

I enjoy the Star Wars franchise. I am certainly low on the enormous ranks of fans, but I do enjoy it. I saw the originals in the theater, and they hold a deep sense of nostalgia for me. I even saw all the prequels in the theater, though I cannot say they have earned any hallowed place in my thinking.

The Force Awakens was nice, too, but much of it felt like a rehash or serving the same dish with a few different spices. I would love to see something new, creative, exciting, risky. Why continue to just redress the same plate over and over?

Anyway, thank you for your indulgence, those of you who have read this. I really don’t ever make these kinds of posts, but I felt a certain need upon viewing the trailer. I hope the movie surprises me, but I find myself leaning to a degree of skepticism already.”

Well, it took me a long time (apparently), but I did finally see Rogue One.  I then promptly watched it again.  I loved it.  My hesitancy was unfounded, though thankfully I did not let it keep me from seeing the film.  The movie was intense, and I was surprised at its body count.  The story still revolved around the Death Star, but even with this continued element, it felt new and exciting, and dare I say risky?

I also enjoy the whole force aspect of the Star Wars universe and how it is examined in the Jedi and Sith.  Those usually end up being my favorite parts, and it is interesting to note how little of that was in Rogue One (though the bits of Darth Vader we got were wonderful).

It wove quite well into A New Hope, and it quite pointedly showed the cost of how everything got there.  A well done film, and I wish I had seen it in the theater.

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