Friday Feyday – Strange

Posted: April 7, 2017 in Blog
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In my debut novel, Dance of the Butterfly, I introduce a new character about halfway through the book.  This was equal parts inspiration and deliberation.  I found it satisfied me as a writer (and reader) in many ways, even bucking some tropes.  It allowed me to shape and even realize a few patterns in my first book that I intentionally followed in the sequel and plan to use in the third installment.  Before I digress further, this new character is an odd fellow.  I don’t want to give away too much, but he shows up from seemingly nowhere to find a place center stage in the unfolding events, perhaps even being a key to understanding what all is happening and why.  He is the subject of today’s #fridayfeyday post.

He lies upon the thin mattress, the meager offering upon the rickety metal frame, staring up at the ceiling. He sees patterns there, images resolving within the texturing of the sheet rock, mingling with the tiny cracks of age and disrepair, the flaking of paint.

He wants to sleep. He doesn’t want to sleep. His pale blue eyes remain open, rarely blinking, staring at the ceiling. His thoughts are taken by pathways and strange images, shadows and flashing glimpses of an invisible world. He see things he does not understand, does not want to see.

I hope this helps to stimulate the appetite.  Please buy, read, and review my debut novel, Dance of the Butterfly, and then continue on with the sequel.  Thank you!

Dance of the Butterfly – print version
Dance of the Butterfly – digital editions


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