Friday Feyday – Oddity

Posted: March 31, 2017 in Blog
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I am going to begin making posts here on my blog for #fridayfeyday.  This was begun by fellow author  Cynthia Morgan, and I thank her for letting me use the concept.  The concept is to make a post that somehow invokes this sense of ‘fey’.  Let’s begin, shall we?

She sees Ryan, held in bondage. He is restrained by something that looks organic, as though one of the very beasts has wrapped itself about him, lengths of its form attached by toothed suckers, the tendrils flexing obscenely, one of them partially covers his face, going over his left eye, fluid leaks, staining him, a dark red, some even black. He is obviously in anguish.

The Bride, the Bride

She turns about, looking, wondering how she hears this rustling of odd speech, this sense of confusion and excitement coming from the denizens.

“… Iris …?”

And this is Ryan, and her eyes find him, noting his struggles, his tension and pain, the seething burn and fear so obvious upon his restrained form. She merely stands there, saying nothing, as several of the monsters move to her, getting in close, more observant than ready to touch her.

“How are you … alive?”

This is from Sword of the Butterfly, the second book in my urban fantasy series.  Please be sure to get your own copy, give it a read, and drop me a review.  Comments and feedback are greatly desired.  Thank you!

Sword of the Butterfly – print edition
Sword of the Butterfly – kindle edition

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