Attack of the Egg People!

Posted: August 11, 2016 in Blog

So, let’s take this back … way back.  I have been creative my whole life, and I got into drawing before writing.  My creative writing began in 4th grade when I was given an extra credit assignment.  This opened Pandora’s Box.  Oh, yes, it did.

My next assignment was one I gave myself.  My parents had given me an old typewriter that my mom once used.  Yes, I am old enough that I predate home computers.  Shall we move on?  I fed manila paper into this thing and wrote a short story about an attack on earth … by egg people.  Giant eggs with arms and legs and they spit out fiery yolks and they were from the planet Purina.  Purina did not pay for advertising.  I even did a rudimentary, somewhat freehand layout, because I took a ruler and pencil and actually illustrated the thing, too.

Things were looking bad for the people of earth.  A bacon beast even landed, but it was no help as the egg people did away with that guy pretty quick.  It took a combined effort of the military, loads of attrition suitable for fighting Godzilla, but the egg people finally went down.  I don’t recall if this somehow curbed any hunger problems on the planet, but it was a silly, fun story of bizarre monster invasion.  Of course, I had already planned multiple sequels.

My mom still has it.  I stapled the pages together and just thought it was the most amazing thing.  My nephew found it a few years back and was amazed by it.  Showed it to friends and family and tried to get me to get it published.  Who knows?  But for now, it’s just a fun tale of my history as a growing writer.  I hope you enjoyed.

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