Posted: April 20, 2016 in Blog
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I am anachronistic, but I am conflicted.

I like old-fashioned things.  I enjoy seemingly outdated methods and styles of writing.  Let me visit a Victorian house lit up by candles or gaslight, and I would feel entranced.  I am also, though, quite taken by technology.  It remains a mystery to me in that I am not particularly learned regarding the workings of such devices, but I am very interested in such developments and how they may enhance humans as a species.  Transhumanism is something to which I deeply subscribe.

How does all of this manage to stay in the crucible and not spill over?  I am not sure.  Maybe some of it does.  I think more that it is all merely choices of an ever-growing buffet.  Something new does not necessarily mean the prior options are replaced.

I love to write, and I love to read.  Electronically formatted books are strong and becoming stronger.  Some might think this means an impending end to printed books.  I do not.  I realize the ‘market share’, as it were, may shrink, but there really is no reason or requirement why one should completely displace the other.

I prefer printed books.  You might also see such an expression in my music collection.  I still listen to cd’s.  I still buy them.  My mp3 collection consists of four albums.  I don’t think this is some sort of Luddite attitude as much as I just like the physical object.  Maybe this does indicate some underlying resistance to the digital age, but I feel like I am excited for that future.

So, electronic books … they’re great.  They have afforded an opportunity to so many independent authors who might have never been able to share their work beyond a select few.  You can now carry around an impressive library with you wherever you go.  Amazing stuff.  I still prefer print, but digital holds some wonderful potential and options.

There’s no reason we can’t have both in our buffet.  And even more …

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