I have made mention of this before, but Dance of the Butterfly is but the first book in a planned series.  If you’ve read my post Seeds, then you have some idea of how this all started.  Suffice it to say, it was a slow start, and I wondered if anything would ever come of it.  Once I seriously got into the book, then finished it, I knew there was more story yet to be told.  The second novel was written the same year, and now it merely waits for its chance to be further polished and published.  I have been told that it is “darker” than the first, and I very much look forward to its release and the reaction from readers.

The third one has been started, and I plan it to enlarge the scope already defined in the first two.  I can’t say if the third will “end” the tale or not, but the journey thus far has been amazing and wonderful and even sometimes sad and a little bit scary.  There is a lot of myself invested in this and not just the usual time, heart, and energy.  I already feel myself thinking I don’t want the story to end … ever.

I’ve started an author page on Facebook, so please like and follow me there.

I hope many of you will be along for the journey with me.

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