Publication Forthcoming

Posted: April 2, 2016 in Blog
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It is with great pleasure that I announce I have signed a publication contract, and my book will soon be available in both print and ebook formats.  I have taken down the full story from here, but the first three chapters are still available as a sample.  I hope this will encourage people to buy the book once it is published.  I also hope many of you who have read it here when it was free will also be willing to buy a copy for yourselves.  Not to sound overly mercenary, but I’d much prefer to do this for a living than my other “trade”.  It also gives me a sense of happy pride to know people may be enjoying the story enough to do so.

I am very excited about this, and I hope it all goes well.  I’ve dreamed of being a published writer for nearly my whole life.  I’ve made other efforts at publication prior to this, but they did not quite succeed.  I am very happy this one did, and I hope it opens the door for more.  Dance of the Butterfly is only the first in a series, the second book already written, the third in the beginning phases, and I hope to publish them all and get them out to many interested readers.

Stay tuned …

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