Characters – Jericho

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Characters
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Jericho – 45 yrs old, born in the USA. Jericho and Skothiam have known each other since they were children, forging a long-lasting bond and making Jericho an unofficial member of the family. A tall, sizable man of Latin American heritage, Jericho has seen the world and had many experiences, having spent time in the military and war.

He had been exposed to some of the secrets of the Felcrafts when he was quite young, holding them in an easy confidentiality that served to endear him even more to the family. He has his own biological family, with whom he is reasonably close, but he has found his place amongst the Felcraft, serving as Weaponsmaster, Guardsman, and in other capacities as his talents or various requirements arise.

He also helps to take care of the family’s special pack of wolves, holding a bond with them that is hardly equaled. He enjoys spending time on the family’s lands, being out in nature, though his tireless work ethic seems to lend him sparse free time.

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