Characters – Denman Malkuth

Posted: February 12, 2016 in Characters
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Denman Malkuth – 36yrs old, born in Germany, holding dual citizenship in his country of birth and the United States. He is of slightly taller than average height and trim, athletic build, possessed of raven black hair, which he keeps generally short and styled as though he might be some model or actor. Given the best education and learning money could buy, Denman holds a very high place in the social Darwinist and very powerful Malkuth family. There are some who consider him a possible heir apparent to Head of the House, if not an outright potential usurper. He is a very handsome man, taking care with his appearance and image. He is manipulative and charming. He speaks English with a cultured, Transatlantic accent, giving little hint as to his origins. He is also fluent in other languages, taking the same care to either sound as much like a native as possible or to hide any potential hints as to his background.

Though Denman entered the faculty of that particular private university under false pretext, much of his curriculum vitae holds truth. He is possessed of advanced degrees as well as having experience as a professor. Along with this, he is adept at many forms of martial arts, and he will kill with little compulsion, though he is no chaotic savage, executing each such slaying with a cold, pragmatic calculation.

He seems a Prince amongst the Malkuth, managing the delicate tightrope act of caring for his own personal advancement as well as that of the family. He holds respect for some of his rivals in the Felcraft fold, though he relishes the idea of overcoming them.

He enjoys the finer things of life – clothing, art, wine, food, surrounding himself with such as much as he is able. He is also a master of chess, enjoying as much what he may learn of his opponent during a bout as the usual win he achieves.

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